NJEA member running for a cause

Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 Brad Spicer
Brad Spicer. (Photo credit: South Jersey Times.)
Brad Spicer is an educator in the Salem school district. During his tenure as the high school basketball coach, he led the team to a South Jersey Group I title and a state championship appearance five years ago, but he left the team just a season later after a successful coaching run.

Spicer was struggling with alcohol. It never affected his professional career but it affected his family life and left him with decisions to make.

After a night of drinking, Spicer put on his sneakers the next morning and went for a run. He hasn’t stopped running since — not from his problem — for a good cause. Spicer has logged nearly 10,000 miles running for the cause he now spends most of his time supporting — The Herren Project.

And this month, Spicer celebrates being two years sober.

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