Globetrotters Essay Contest - Winning Essays-

Eating Healthier!

I truly do think that I will be able to eat healthy and stay in shape in 2013!  I have a good plan to stay away from restaurants and eating out, going half-vegetarian, and not eating desserts.  To do this, I have to keep a very strict “diet” of a sort.  I have to try my hardest to stay away from any sweets possible and to eat healthy foods, such as broccoli or carrots.  I like most vegetables though, so it might not be that hard.  

 My future will be a lot easier because I will be fit and healthy, giving me a lot of years to live and enjoy myself.  Since eating healthy foods will help my body, I will be able to lift more things and I will stay strong.  Also, if I choose to eat healthier foods, it may help my family with better choices.

I do truly believe that I can stay healthy in 2013!

-- Keith

Plans to Eat Healthier in 2013

Do you want to know how I am going to plan to eat healthier in 2013, well let’s find out? I am going to eat healthier by cutting down on the amount of candy I eat and replace it by eating a lot more fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and so much more!  To start my day, I will eat a big healthy breakfast including a full glass of milk.  Next, I am going to have at least three bottles of water throughout my day to keep my body hydrated.  Then, I am going to eat chicken and pasta that will give me strength and energy.

I am going to drink less soda and eat less dessert. I am also going to stop eating fast food such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s even though I might eat it once in a while.  Finally, I am going to drink more orange juice rather than fruit juice because it has less sugar.  So now you have read my plans to eat healthier in 2013, so what are your plans?

-- Zacary

In 2013, I plan on quitting my unhealthy appetite for fast foods. After discovering the slew of hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, and other artery-clogging, diabetes-inducing chemical additions to natural foods that fast-food companies added to their ingredients, I was sickened. My goal is to eat more natural foods. For instance, rather than picking up a fried apple pie at McDonald’s, I will save my appetite and wait until I get home for a real apple or perhaps a fruit salad. Rather than consuming a deep-fried bag of French fries, I will have a fresh baked potato, with sour cream on the side. Rather than consuming loads of fats and simple carbohydrates that cause drowsiness, fatigue, and possibly heart-problems, I will make sure that my diet includes complex carbohydrates such as brown rice as opposed to white bread, and foods rich in minerals such as kale and broccoli. This year, I hope to become a healthier person and to spread the message that the cheapness and convenience of fast foods is not worth the toll it takes on the body.

-- Sharon


My 2013 resolution will be to eat healthier. One way I can plan to meet my goal is to eat more vegetables. Next, if I ever go to eat a type of candy, I would sub it for a fruit. After that, I would tell my mom to make at least one vegetable a day for dinner. This will make me strong and healthier!

-- Andrew