Concerns over special ed regs go unheeded

School employees, parents must band together to stop disastrous proposals

Published on Friday, May 3, 2013

State Board of Education
(L to r) SBOE Vice-President Ilan Plawker, SBOE President Arcelio Aponte, and Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf listen to testimony on the proposed Special Ed regulations at the April 3 meeting.
Despite the outcry from educators throughout the state, the State Board of Education is still considering adopting new special education regulations—a move that disregards the Education Transformation Task Force’s recommendations to have the Department of Education convene a special work group to study these regulations. 

In addition to allowing extended time for class-size waivers and disregarding parental notification until after a waiver has been granted, these proposed regulations seek to place case management responsibilities on special education teachers and guidance counselors in addition to the Child Study Team (CST) members and Speech Language Specialists already charged with the responsibility.  NJEA calls on all its members to join forces with parents to stop these disastrous proposals from moving forward.

Take Action

Take action today! Continue to write letters to the State Board of Education members, but more importantly, educate parents and community residents on the impact of these proposals by writing letters to the editor and urge concerned parents and colleagues to contact their legislators to intervene.  All stakeholders—educators, parents, and legislators—must send one common message:  Let the state-mandated Special Education Task Force—signed into law by Gov. Christie earlier this year— do its due diligence.

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