Special ed regulations still on the move!

Published on Friday, May 17, 2013

Over the past few weeks, there have been many rumors suggesting that the proposed changes to special education regulations have been put on hold.  NJEA and other special education stakeholder groups have NO confirmation that this information is true.  The special education regulations are not on the agenda for the June State Board of Education meeting, but that does not mean they will not appear in July or August.

NJEA is urging members to continue to TAKE ACTION in the following ways:

Take Action
  1. Use the talking points to call your Senate and Assembly members and ask them to co-sponsor A-3986 (Benson, Diegnan, O’Donnell).  This legislation would limit the role of case managers to child study team members (and speech language specialists when they act as members of the child study team).


Hello, my name is ___________from ____________.  I am calling to ask you to co-sponsor A-3986.  This legislation would ensure that properly trained child study team members continue to manage special education cases.  It will allow special education teachers and counselors to continue to serve their students without distraction.  This will benefit all students and the school community as a whole.  I hope I can count on your support.  Thank you.

  1. Contact Governor Christie at 609-292-6000 or and let him know that you disagree with the proposed regulations.  Ask him to withdraw them.
  1. Attend the NJEA State Board Lobby Day on Wednesday, June 5.  Speak out on special education regulations by registering online at or by calling 609-292-0739 by noon on May 31. Space is limited so please act quickly. 
  1. Write letters to editors of local and regional newspapers. 

Use these talking points, and remember, your continuous efforts are making a difference!  The Department of Education has an obligation to ensure that each proposed regulatory change has a positive impact on student instruction and achievement. This fight is crucial to the rights of our special education students in New Jersey. 

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