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NJEA offers back-to-school tips for parents

Published on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Your child is heading back to school soon. Besides shopping for backpacks and new shoes, what should you be doing to get your child ready? NJEA has tips and advice to help parents prepare their children for a successful school year.

  • Plan a route - If your child walks or bikes to school, walk the route and emphasize safety.
  • Visit the school - Try to meet the teacher too!
  • Set goals with your child - Create frequent rewards for success.
  • Make a schedule - Set aside time each day for studying, reading and playing.
  • Go to bed - Sleep patterns change slowly. Get your child back to a regular schedule.
  • Shake off the cobwebs - Read a book together. Review last year's math skills. Practice neat handwriting.
  • Create excitement - Shop together for clothes and school supplies to get in the school spirit.
  • Remember, your attitude is contagious - Get excited about new teachers, friends, and opportunities and your child will too!

For more tips, visit our Family Involvement page.

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