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High Tech Hall

Published on Friday, August 23, 2013

Every year, High Tech Hall grows bigger and more technologically advanced, but it never diverts from its basic mission: to help members use technology to improve student learning. Whether you have a quick question, need a complete tutorial, or just want to get acquainted to with professional development opportunities available on, drop in to see how the latest applications are being used in today's classrooms and among today's professionals.

The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to sponsor the Technology Integration Showcase and the Teacher to Teacher Learning Lab, where mem-bers will present one-on-one and small group demonstrations of technology activities tested in their own classrooms.

In the Verizon Classroom, NJEA members and Verizon/Thinkfinity presenters will ofer hands-on practice as they show how they’re using technology to enhance instruction in New Jersey’s public schools. In the TEQ Connected Classroom, experts from TEQ will guide you through applications you can use in your classroom to support your instruction as soon as you go back to school on Monday

Professional Development in High Tech Hall

NJEA encourages members to document their professional learning experiences as they work to meet and exceed the 100-hours of professional development required of certified teaching staf. For the more traditional two-hour programs listed on pages 40-61, members who are present at an entire session receive a professional development certificate upon exiting the classroom. However, such documentation is more challenging to capture and record in the differently structured programs available to members in High Tech Hall.

This year, to help members document their professional development experiences in High Tech Hall, NJEA has established the following procedures:

• Members who attend a scheduled classroom session in either the DELL Connected Classroom or the Verizon Thinkfinity classroom will scan their convention badge upon arrival and will receive a link to their certificate via an email following the Convention. No paper certificates will be distributed for these activities.

• Members who spend time in the Technology Integration Showcase and the Teacher-to-Teacher Learning Lab may document their learning using a log sheet that they can pick up in High Tech Hall. No certificates will be available for these activities. The log will detail the titles, presenters and a brief description of each activity with a place to identify the amount of time spent at each demonstration area. Members may present this log to their supervisor/principal following their visit to Atlantic City to document the amount of time spent in learning in these areas of High Tech Hall.

NJEA recommends that members speak with their supervisor/principal prior to the NJEA Convention to discuss how much time they intend to spend in the Technology Integration Showcase and Teacher-to-Teacher Learning Lab areas. This procedure is consistent with practices supported by the N.J. Department of Education. Members are reminded that all professional learning activities must be aligned with their individual professional development plan to be eligible for accrual toward the 100-hour requirement.

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