My Hero Works at School

By Colette Cutrona

One teacher who had a positive impact on me is Ms. Ortiz. I had Ms. Ortiz in second grade. When my mom went to talk to Ms. Ortiz, she asked her what I could do to improve over the summer. She said, “She should write a children’s book.”

When I found out she had said that, I was overjoyed! I always loved writing, and she encouraged me to challenge myself more. Over that summer and to the present, I have written about 30 stories that I haven’t written in school.

She has had an impact on my life because I love writing much more than I used to. She helped me learn many new skills, and I used all of them. I can now write longer and more advanced stories. She inspired me to write, and I remember writing my first story sitting in my room on my little table writing with a fat pencil.

I enjoyed writing even before second grade, but Ms. Ortiz gave me the confidence to pursue writing. Without her, I don’t think I would be as good as a writer as I am today. All of her skills and techniques helped me with all of my writing pieces.

I will never forget Ms. Ortiz, and all the inspiration she had given me. Although I am not in second grade anymore, I will always remember Ms. Ortiz and all of my writing.