Anna Kasper

Anna Kasper

Thunder Spirit 106 School Spirit Award Winner - October 2013

- Nominated by Kevin Kasper

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award? Mrs. Anna Kasper is the most passionate teacher and person I have ever met. She has been teaching disabled preschool students in Lacey Township for a few years now and invests all her heart and soul into helping each child. She truly places her students' needs as first priority. Numerous parents have written letters thanking her for molding their children into whom they are today. Mrs. Kasper combines her music and teaching degrees to educate her disabled students through songs which has shown to be extremely successful. All of the school district's preschool classes have recently been relocated to a new building and a new teacher has just begun in the program as well. Mrs. Kasper is the mentor for the new teacher and has been taking the lead to develop the new curriculum as well as establish uniformity between all of the preschool classes. She has numerous other achievements that her coworkers could tell you about.

As her husband, I hear about the positive results of her efforts all the time and I witness her compassion every day when she's with our newborn daughter. I always knew she would be an incredible mother; which is one of the main reasons I married this wonderful woman.

Mrs. Kasper doesn't require any recognition to keep her passion for teaching alive; witnessing her children meet milestones and a simple "Thank You" hug from her nonverbal students is all she needs. However I feel that more people should know how much of an amazing person she truly is.

Many of her faculty and students' parents would join in the celebration if she were to win this NJEA award; an organization she has been a member of for several years now. If you would like assistance in surprising her with the award please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for recognizing outstanding teachers in New Jersey!