Healthy Schools Now
An art exhibit of powerful and disturbing photos depict hazardous conditions that currently exist in several schools, including Trenton Central High School. The exhibit was created by Healthy Schools Now, a coalition of parents, educators, students and public school advocates dedicated to ensuring that all New Jersey children and school employees learn and work in safe, modern school buildings.  


Steinhauer on Trenton Central High School

"All children deserve safe, healthy schools"

Published on Friday, January 24, 2014

Trenton Central High SchoolWendell Steinhauer, president of the New Jersey Education Association, released the following statement in response to reports that the Schools Development Authority is preparing to release funds for construction of a new high school in Trenton.

“I welcome reports this week that the SDA is preparing to release funds for construction of a new high school in Trenton. NJEA has been working in partnership with several other organizations to raise awareness about the awful conditions in too many schools across New Jersey. Trenton Central High School is one of the most tragic examples of an unsafe, unhealthy school that I have ever seen. We will keep pushing hard to make sure this project stays on track so that students there get the school they need without delay.

“We also call on the SDA to build on this momentum by approving other critically needed construction and repairs. Hundreds of projects still await approval while students and staff in those schools suffer the consequences. All New Jersey children deserve safe, healthy schools where they can learn and thrive. The SDA and the Christie administration have an obligation to make sure all students have the schools they need.

“We congratulate the parents, students, educators, and citizens who helped us call attention to the terrible conditions in Trenton and other schools across New Jersey. We will keep shining the light on those schools until they are all repaired or rebuilt.”

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