Getting it right

Panel, members debate AchieveNJ

Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

 Fisicaro, Bulina, Palek, Cardillo, Spiller
NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller (far right) is joined by (left to right) Joseph Fisicaro, NJ State Board of Education Vice President, John Bulina, President, NJ School Boards Association, Paul Palek, AchieveNJ Implementation Manager, NJ Department of Education and Dr. Joann Cardillo, Executive Director, Principal Coaching and Evaluation, Paterson Public Schools.

More than 150 NJEA and NJ School Boards Association members recently attended a joint meeting of the Passaic County School Boards Association and the Passaic County Education Association. (PCEA). NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller was part of a panel discussion and debate on the new teacher evaluation system, AchieveNJ.

“Each of us, and all of us together should be proud of the role we have played in making our schools some of the best in the nation. As we move forward with the new evaluation system, it is important we remember that we need to get it right, not just get it going," noted Spiller. Special thanks to PCEA, and Joe Cheff, PCEA President, for assisting with coordinating this event.

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