Inspiring Change

International Women’s Day Is March 8, 2014

Published on Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unite for Quality Education“Inspiring Change” is the theme of International Women’s Day. This theme encourages everyone to contribute to the advancement of women and challenge inequities that persist in the United States and abroad.

Education serves as either a doorway or a barrier to gender equity and the advancement of girls and women.  The Education International statement for International Women’s Day addresses global education where progress is being made – and must be made – to support greater gender equity.  With Education International, NEA is working to Unite for Quality Education to ensure that free, public education for girls and boys is a reality, and that gender fairness positively impacts the work lives of educators.

International Women’s Day, March 8, has its roots in the early twentieth century labor union movement. The courageous and pioneering women who rallied in the streets for better working conditions set aside a day to demand equality and an end to the discrimination faced by women worldwide. It was first celebrated in 1911. Today, International Women’s Day is a national holiday in twenty-seven countries and is the focus of thousands of events held across the world. While numerous advancements have been made since the first International Women’s Day over a century ago, the struggle for equality continues.

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