NJEA and BEN-FM spotlight ESP

Published on Thursday, April 10, 2014

NJEA and BEN-FM have partnered to educate the public about the important role Educational Support Professionals play in our schools and in our communities. Each month, BEN-FM features an NJEA ESP member in a 60-second radio ad talking about the contributions they make in their students’ education.

Roberta Rissling Making a difference

Roberta Rissling has been a paraprofessional in the Township of Franklin Public Schools for the past ten years. She finds it extremely rewarding to work in the community where she lives. She works one-on-one with students who need extra help. She loves her job because she is making a big difference in the lives of her students. She also serves as the president of the Township of Franklin Support Staff Association. All of her members work along with the entire school district to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all students. She also mentors students after school and is a Sunday school teacher. Roberta is featured in an NJEA ad on BEN-FM for the month of April 2014 .

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Christine KosarAn essential part of the school team

Christine Kosar is a school bus driver in the Washington Township School District. She moved here from England 10 years ago and has worked in the district for eight years. Her kids went to school in Washington Township, as well. She serves as the president of the Washington Township School Support Services Personnel Association. Bus drivers are an essential part of the school team. They not only ensure our students are safely transported to and from school, they are prepared to take control in an emergency situation. Bus drivers are trusted adults who are mentors, caregivers, and guardians for their students. Chrissy loves her job because school support professionals help shape the future of our nation. Chrissy was featured in an NJEA ad on BEN-FM for the month of March 2014

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Caring for kids

Dotty Grieb

For the past 16 years, Dottie Grieb has been a specialized teaching assistant for the Gloucester County Special Services School District. Her son, who is hearing impaired, was a student in the district. Dottie works with students with all kinds of special needs including autism, hearing impairment, behavioral challenges, and multiple disabilities on a reading program. She also serves as president of Gloucester County Special Services Education Association and coaches a basketball team that plays in the Special Olympics League. She loves to see the satisfaction on her students’ facing when they achieve their goals whether it be completing an assignment, scoring a basket, or having a good day. Dottie was featured in an NJEA ad on BEN-FM for the month of February 2014.

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Helping the community

Annette RuchAnnette Ruch is NJEA’s 2013  Education Support Professional of the Year.  She’s been a paraprofessional in the Toms River Public Schools for 20 years. NJEA ESP members are not just an integral part of the school community, but play a key role in their cities and towns. After Hurricane Sandy, Annette’s school became a shelter. The school staff jumped in to help. She helped organize the adopt a bus driver/bus aide program to help those that lost everything. She and her colleagues collected donations and helped the community get back on its feet.

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John Staab

From student to foreman

John Staab is a maintenance foreman and the vice president of the Pine Hill Education Association. He started his career in Pine Hill with a part-time job in the district when he was a student there. His part-time job grew into a career that he loves. John and his colleagues in the maintenance department keep their schools running efficiently. From repairing a burst pipe to fixing a collapsed roof, John and his team make sure Pine Hill students have safe, comfortable classrooms where they can learn and thrive. John was featured in an NJEA ad running on BEN-FM for the month of August, 2013.

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Rose Casey

A song in her heart

Rose Casey is the president of the Educational Assistants of Cherry Hill. She has been working with middle school students with special needs for the 10 years. She loves helping her students learn and grow. Rose starts her school day playing the saxophone with band students in their home room. She's played for 50 years and serves as a member of the middle school band. They often play together after school and at community events. She lives just a mile from school and enjoys seeing her students both in and out of school. Rose was featured in an NJEA ad running on BEN-FM for the month of May, 2013.

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A trusted adult and confidant

Lynn Cianci

Lynn Cianci has been a food service worker in the Washington Township School District for 19 years. She enjoys the challenge of preparing nutritious and appealing meals for high school students, but the thing she enjoys most about her job is interacting with her students. Lynn was featured in an NJEA ad running on BEN-FM for the month of April, 2013.

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Brian Currie

Keeping schools running

For the past 22 years, Brian Currie has been a maintenance mechanic in the Buena Regional School District. His workday is busy and may include an array of tasks ranging from performing maintenance on the heating system, to helping a students find a lost retainer. But his favorite part of the job is spending time with his students and encouraging them to do their best and make good choices. That’s why Brian was featured in a 60-second radio ad on BEN-FM in March of 2013. Brian was also featured in one of NJEA’s television commercials. Listen Listen

Working with parents as a team

Darlene McKnightDarlene McKnight, Trenton Paraprofessional Association member, was one of the educational support professionals to be featured in a series of ads running on Philadelphia’s BEN-FM in February of 2013.

She shared her role as a parent liaison in Trenton’s public schools and talked about how she works to expand students’ worldview to see greater possibilities for themselves. Through her work she knows firsthand that all parents want their children to attend a great public school. In the ad, McKnight talks about how she helps students see their role in taking advantage of the opportunities a  great public education can provide.

McKnight has been active in the Trenton school system for over 30 years, first as a volunteer and now as a staff member.

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Keeping schools safe

School security guards and custodial and maintenance workers keep our public schools safe, healthy places to learn. That's why NJEA and BEN-FM teamed up to highlight the important work they do in two 60-second radio ads.

Mark EckertThis ad features Mark Eckert (left), a custodian at Tinc Road Elementary School in Mount Olive. This former Marine explains how thanks to their expertise in the building trades, custodial and maintenance workers save districts thousands of dollars a year. Mark is the vice-president of the Mount Olive Education Association. His ad ran through the month of January, 2013.
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Joe GalegoAnother ad featured Joe Galego (right), the head security guard at Thomas Edison Career Academy High School in Elizabeth. Joe shares how security guards not only help their students feel secure, they help them mature into responsible young adults. Joe serves as vice-president of the Union County Education Association. His ad ran through the month of December, 2012.
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Helping students succeed

Donna O'Malley

Anyone who has ever worked in a public school knows, the person who keeps things running smoothly is the school secretary. School secretaries work with all members of the school team, including parents, to ensure that everyone has what they need to help students succeed. That’s why NJEA and BEN-FM highlighted Donna O’Malley, a school secretary in  Tabernacle and vice-president of the Burlington County Education Association in a 60-second radio ad. The ad ran five times a week through the month of November, 2012.

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Traci Davis

Starting the day off right

School bus drivers are the first people our students see each school day and the last ones to get them home safely at night. To spotlight the important work of these NJEA members during National School Bus Safety Month, driver Traci Davis (right) of the Glassboro Education Association recorded a 60-second radio ad on radio station BEN-FM. The ad ran five times a week through the month of October, 2012. Listen Listen

Caring for kids

Marge VallieuFor the month of September, 2012, NJEA’s ESP of the Year Marge Vallieu shared how she helps the children at her school feel safe and well cared for in her career as a cafeteria manager in the Gloucester Township School District.

Marge and her colleagues feed hundreds of students a day, so the folks at BEN-FM planned to bring the staff a catered lunch to thank them for their commitment to our public schools and the children of Gloucester Township.

The ads ran five times a week through the month of September.

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