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Published on Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Summer Leadership ConferenceThe 2014 NJEA Jack Bertolino Summer Leadership Conference will offer a broad menu of 35 training seminars that equip members to become stronger association advocates. Most seminars offer nine hours of training in a three-day period spread over six sessions. A longer seminar providing 18 hours of training over four days is available for newer presidents.

There are three sets of three-day programs:

  • Workshop I – Aug. 2-4, 2014 (Sat., Sun., Mon.)
  • Workshop II – Aug. 4-6, 2014 (Mon., Tues., Wed.)
  • Workshop III – Aug. 6-8, 2014 (Wed., Thurs., Fri.)

Not all of the 35 seminars are offered in every workshop period. The seminar descriptions indicate when any given program is scheduled.

Registration begins for Day One at 1 p.m., and the opening general session starts at 3 p.m. Day Three ends with a brunch, which is served at 10 a.m. following the sixth seminar session.

This year’s summer leadership conference will take place at the Hilton East Brunswick.

How do I register?

The purpose of this article is to alert members to this training opportunity and describe the 35 seminar programs available this year.

Local and county association presidents will receive registration brochures with detailed information on the 2014 NJEA Jack Bertolino Summer Leadership Conference. You must contact your local president and consult that brochure to learn more about lodging, daily schedules, accommodations for members with special needs, and registration.

Are scholarships available?

First-time attendees scholarship

One scholarship will be awarded in each of the 21 county affiliates, as well as one each in the educational support professional (ESP), higher education, and the nonclassroom teacher units of representation for first-time attendees. Each unit of representation will develop its own selection process.

“How to be an Organizer” scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage members to take the seminar titled “How to be an Organizer.” One scholarship per county will be awarded. Members registering for this workshop must complete the application and submit it to their local president.

Scholarship deadlines

Local presidents must return their scholarship application to the county president or representation unit head by May 3. The scholarship application and completed registration forms of approved nominees must be submitted to NJEA by June 2.

For application forms, see your local president or contact Mary Kemery at 609-599-4561, ext. 2232 or email

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