Tell legislators to uphold the law

Pension funding isn’t optional!

Published on Friday, June 6, 2014

Take Action on PensionsNJEA’s lawsuit has been filed, but there’s still work to do.

NJEA urges all members to contact legislators. Demand that they stand up for the pension funding required by the new pension law known as Chapter 78.

Tell legislators:

    • Under Chapter 78, all 500,000 active public employees in the pension systems are paying more for reduced benefits, and nearly 300,000 retirees have seen their COLAs frozen. We are doing our part and then some.
    • Chapter 78 also requires the state to make its full payment every year. That payment isn’t optional.
    • Governor Christie has announced that he intends to unilaterally break the law this year, and he wants legislators to help him break the law next year. Refuse to be his accomplice.
    • I expect you to fight for the full payment that was already included in this year’s budget.
    • I expect you to explore additional revenue options so that the State can live up to its legal obligations without impacting other important parts of the budget.
    • I expect you to vote only for a budget that includes the full required payment next year.

    Find contact information for every New Jersey legislator here.

    Click here to read the relevant (highlighted) sections of Chapter 78.

    Read the Q & A for members.

    Ready to do more? Click here to learn about additional member actions starting this week!

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