What Are Megaskills?

Families and Schools Together

MegaSkills are the inner engines of learning. They are the superbasics: the beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that determine achievement in school and in life. Dr. Dorothy Rich, founder and president of the Home and School Institute, identified eleven MegaSkills based on school report cards, personnel records, and interviews with educators and employers.

“Our children have to know more and have to be able to learn more...and we have it in our power to help them...especially when we work together,” notes Rich. “Today, there is research that says: Families are important educators of their children. Not too many years ago, parents were told, ‘Hands off, you don't know how to do it.’ No longer. Schools are recognizing that not even the best school can do the job alone. Today, across the nation, there is readiness for educational teamwork as never before.”

The eleven MegaSkills are:

  • Confidence: feeling able to do it
  • Motivation: wanting to do it
  • Effort: being willing to work hard
  • Responsibility: doing what's right
  • Initiative: moving into action
  • Perseverance: completing what you start
  • Caring: showing concern for others
  • Teamwork: working with others
  • Common Sense: using good judgment
  • Problem Solving: putting what you know and what you can do into action
  • Focus: concentrating with a goal in mind

These are the success attributes needed to maximize potential. They emphasize the work ethic and are closely related to the employment qualities and skills identified in the SCANS Report of the U.S. Department of Labor. Taken together, they constitute vital academic and character education increasingly being sought by families, schools, and employers across the nation today.

Rich began the nonprofit Home and School Institute in the 1960's with a basic question: What is it that every family can do to help every child succeed? Her book, MegaSkills® : Building Children's Achievement for the Information Age, has sold over 350,000 copies in three editions.

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