Vineland Plans for Success

Families and Schools Together

The Vineland Education Association (VEA) recently held their first FAST event on Feb. 10. “We hoped to start the program last year, but when we learned more about it we realized we had to build from within first, explained Vineland FAST chair Mary Lundberg. VEA started a family involvement committee composed of members at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. They also conducted a series of Pride in Public education events, including workshops from NJEA’s Family Involvement Training (FIT) Kit.

Planning and preparation seems to be paying off – VEA’s first event was quite a success. One pastor who attended requested a presentation for a group of fellow religious leaders, providing VEA with a great opportunity to get the message out to additional churches.

A VEA member brought one of her church leaders to the event. They enjoyed the presentation and promised to share it with their minister. VEA also scheduled an overview presentation for our Hispanic Church Leaders.

“We are making positive contacts with church leaders,” explained Lundberg. “We are hoping to offer six Megaskills workshops through the churches this spring.”’ Lundberg is optimistic that the FAST program will improve family involvement in Vineland. “As an education association, we know we need to help parents feel more comfortable about getting involved in their children’s education,” she adds. “If parents aren’t able to come to school, then we will go to them.”