Ten Things Parents wish Teachers would Do

Parents wish teachers would:

  1. Build students' self-esteem by using praise generously and avoiding ridicule and negative public criticism.

  2. Get to know each child's needs, interests and special talents, as well as the way each child learns best.

  3. Communicate often and openly with parents, contacting them early on about academic or behavioral problems and being candid rather than defensive when discussing these problems.

  4. Regularly assign homework that helps children learn and advise parents how they can work with their children on this homework.

  5. Set high academic standards, expecting all students to learn and helping them to do so.

  6. Care about children - children learn best when taught by warm, friendly, caring, and enthusiastic teachers.

  7. Treat all children fairly - don't play favorites.

  8. Enforce a positive discipline code based on clear and fair expectations that are established at the beginning of each school year. Set limits and reinforce positive behavior.

  9. Vary teaching methods and make learning fun.

  10. Encourage participation by reaching out to involve families in their children's education, showing them how they can help their children at home - remembering that family members want to work with teachers to help their children do their best.