Drawing the Line

Between Providing Guidance and Doing your Childrens' Homework

For too many families, helping with homework has evolved into taking full responsibility for the work. Some family members feel torn between getting the homework done and risking their children's failure. Families find themselves endlessly nagging their children or, in frustration, resorting to doing the homework themselves.

Children need the support and guidance of family members; but, ultimately, homework must be the children's responsibility.

The following principles may be helpful in drawing the line between providing guidance and doing the homework yourself:

  • You will fulfill your responsibilities by working, taking care of the household, nurturing, and providing guidance to them, but it is your children's responsibility to do their homework.
  • You will help with homework by creating a positive environment for them, but you will not do the homework.
  • You will help your children develop a schedule, but you will not develop it for them.
  • You will be available to help at specific times, but it is their responsibility to ask for help.
  • You will answer their questions about an assignment, but you will not complete it.
  • You will always be supportive of their efforts, but you will not protect them from the consequences if their homework does not get finished.