PRIDE in Public Education

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In 1994 NJEA initiated PRIDE in Public Education, a campaign aimed at sharing the successes of New Jersey’s public schools and building community support and involvement.

NJEA provides grants for all kinds of local and county community involvement projects.  Projects are either “community organizing based” or “marketing, branding, and sponsorship based.”  Your UniServ field representative can help you determine which type of project you are working towards. 

PRIDE has supported thousands of projects that bring our schools, our union, and our communities together to celebrate the achievements of NJ’s great public schools.

One of the most important aspects of PRIDE is the recognition and publicity the projects often produce. The more a community knows about how good its schools are, the more likely it is to get involved and offer support.

PRIDE is proud to support the NJEA FAST, or Families and Schools Together work for children, program.  The goal of FAST is to involve parents and families in their children’s education through programs and events  to help improve student achievement and ensure that families feel welcome and connected to our schools.

FAST is a coalition of education advocates, community groups, and schools working together to foster family involvement in education.  Learn more about FAST here.