Does your local have a social committee?

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Does your local have a social committee?

Postby JimBoice » May 16th, 2013, 12:06 am

Members may appreciate the opportunity to socialize with their colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. When members are given opportunities to get to know each other, they naturally build camaraderie and will work better as a team. Your local could establish a social committee to help facilitate fun activities for your members and their families to participate in.

First, you will need a social committee chairperson. If your local has more than one school building, it would be prudent to form a committee and search for a representative from each building.

Once you have a team in place, plan at least a couple of events to offer to your members. Consider this list:

Charity events:

Adopt a Highway in the community
Park or other area cleanup
Walk dogs at the local animal shelter
Soup kitchen
Runs for different charities
Trips to historical houses (Christmas tours, etc.)
Donating your hair (St. Baldricks)


Karaoke night.
Beginning of the school year gathering
End of the school year gathering

Outdoors locations:

Hiking trips at state parks.
Pool parties at members’ homes
Host a scavenger hunt in the community
Gardening or landscaping events
Bike rides
Bird watching and nature walks
Attend your local community’s day
A picnic or BBQ in the park
A day at the beach
A fishing trip
Canoeing and kayaking
Pumpkin, apple, strawberry picking, etc.
Visit to a dog park
Farmers' market

Sporting Events:

Night at a professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer game, etc.
Horse racing
Pick up sports games such as soccer, football, kickball, whiffle ball, ultimate frisbee, ect... (Mel)
Golf tournament
Attending a high school varsity football game (or any high school or middle school sport, etc.)
Color runs
Ski trips
Tubing (water and snow)
A day at the gym (with healthy eating seminars, health fairs, etc.)
Yoga and meditation instruction
Go karting
Golf tournaments

Concerts / Shows:

A bus trip to see a Broadway musical


Masquerade or halloween parties
Holiday parties
80’s party
Survivor or Game of Thrones finale parties.
Retirement party
A tattoo party

Fun Places:

Laser Tag (Andrew)
Rock climbing at a climbing center
Mini golf
Casino trip
Night at the movies
Car show
Philadelphia or New York Auto Show
Barnes and Noble night
A day at a museum (some have “free days” [i.e. the Philadelphia Museum of Art is free on Sundays])
A day at the zoo
A day at a spa
A wine tour
A cooking class (some restaurants offer this)
A visit to a psychic or hypnotist
Amusement or water park trips
Easter egg hunts
Tastefully Simple party
Trip to the Apple Store
Christmas shopping

Game events:

Trivia night (Quizzo)
Farkle night
Scrabble tournament

Special interest seminars:

Genealogy and researching family trees
Scrapbooking techniques
Financial planning
Computer classes
Jewelry making
Art classes
Pottery classes
Cooking on a budget
Wine tasting


Instagramers at photo-inspired locations.
Book club
Knitting club
The coaching staff could host a “Coaches Corner” at a member’s home or other venue

Consider the best way to advertise your events. Flyers work; members report having success using email, text messaging, and social media outlets.

While at the events, encourage members to take selfies,

A social committee can take time to establish. If your first events don't draw much of a turnout, don't give up! Eventually you'll find the right time and type of event that will appeal to your members. Have fun! :mrgreen:
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