Anna's presentation from the workshop (6.13--6.14.13)

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Anna's presentation from the workshop (6.13--6.14.13)

Postby JimBoice » June 19th, 2013, 9:17 am

Hi everyone. As promised, here is the text from Anna's presentation. This makes a great activity for an SOS meeting when you combine it with a chart for your members. Remember that Anna's chart was organized into three columns: evidence of bad work, evidence of good work, and evidence of great work. For an additional resource, we just sent an email out to all the local presidents that participated in our 6.13 -- 6.14.13 training. The email contained Zainab's Powerpoint as an attachment.

Here is the text from Anna's scenerio:

"Mrs. Jones stands at the front of the third grade class as students sit at their desks with a copy of the book. The story is part of a grade level anthology with fascinating details of ocean animals to support their ongoing investigation of the topic. She begins by writing three questions on the board, telling students to look for clues to answer these questions as they read. Students then take turns reading orally as peers follow along. Mrs. Jones stops periodically to ask questions from a teacher’s guide and others that rise from her interactions with students or her instincts as an experienced teacher. Some students read orally with expressive ease while others struggled painfully. The wide variations of student engagement are also glaringly obvious. Raul appears frustrated while Tamara peruses several pages ahead. Suzanne is lost in the photographs as Robert plays nervously with his pencil. Mrs. Jones doesn’t appear to notice these behaviors from the front of the room. At one point, she draws attention to a compound word in the story, and the students stop to look for other examples to list on the board before they read on. When they finish, she asks them to discuss their learning with a partner and respond in a writing journal. When Todd asks if he can add a picture, she reminds them that writers express ideas in many ways and encourages them to do the same. As they work, she moves to her desk."
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