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Postby jimjfh » December 7th, 2012, 9:01 am

Volunteer Assistance

by jimjfh » December 7th, 2012, 9:00 am


I am Jim and a Certified Pennsylvania Teacher living in Greene County, PA just outside of Waynesburg. I have been both an adult educator and a a children's educator for over 37 years. I currently subsitute teach part-time and volunteer tuor and job coach individials. I am a PSEA Union Member.

I would like to offer my assistanc eto any techers needed a break form the ravages of Hurrican Sandy. I beleive NJ and PA have a reciprocal agreement and my certifications in Elelentary education, millelevel mathematics, Socila Studies 7-12, and Food and Consumer Science K-12, would be accepted in NJ.

My proposal is simple. I am willing to voulnteer for onr week to substitute tecah in one of sevral classrooms to give the regular classroom tecaher abreak to do necessary personal things regrading damage from Hurrican Sandy. I would hope NJ would not chage the teacher any leave and pay his/her salary during this time. I of course would work on a volunteer basis accepting no pay and payingmy own way to be there.

Should the tecaher just wish someone to help clean up, repair or re-construct their home I would also be willing to do that. I would only need to know what is to be done as I am a competent handman/home remodeler, except for plumbing which I steer clear of for past foibles.

Up to you.

contact me at jimjfh@gmail.com or call 724-883-3427

Union Strong,
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