PRIDE Reimbursement Procedures

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PRIDE Reimbursement Procedures

Postby JimBoice » April 1st, 2013, 9:52 am


Due to the large volume of PRIDE projects, the PRIDE reimbursement deadlines need to be strictly followed. After each deadline, the approved funding is no longer encumbered and will not be available for use by the association.

Also, if you are completing a “B” project (school budget), state election law requires that all expenses must be reported within five days of the election. Therefore, your PRIDE reimbursement form for any school budget election projects must be submitted to your regional UniServ office no later than five days after the election.

You will not receive additional notices so please mark these dates in your calendar. The final deadlines for submitting your official PRIDE reimbursement form are as follows:

FALL: Sept.—Oct.—Nov. December 15
WINTER: Dec.—Jan.—Feb. March 15
B projects (school budget): Five days after election (state law)
SPRING: Mar.—Apr.—May—Jun. July 15
SUMMER: Jul.—Aug. 15 Immediately after event
(must be within two weeks)

Each time you submit a PRIDE reimbursement form, please be sure to complete the “Organizing Strategy” and attach samples of all printed PRIDE materials from your event/activity.
If you have any questions, please contact your regional UniServ office. Thank you and good luck with your PRIDE projects.
Jim Boice
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Re: PRIDE Reimbursement Procedures

Postby JimBoice » April 1st, 2013, 9:53 am

You must complete your project by the timelines described in your proposal. Your funding is guaranteed according to the reimbursement deadlines listed below. After the deadline date, your funding will no longer be available.

Be sure to keep an ongoing total of your expenses and a balance of your remaining funds. Please do not submit receipts for unapproved items or activities or for items that exceed your approved funding amount.

Reimbursement form deadline

December 15
March 15
July 15
August 15
5 days after election

To speed up the reimbursement period, we suggest that you submit the reimbursement form as soon as you have completed a PRIDE activity. The completed form with your original bills, original receipts, letter of acknowledgment (proof of payment/sponsorship), and/or copy of both sides of a cancelled check should be submitted to your UniServ regional office. The chart below identifies the final deadline for submitting your reimbursement forms.

Activity timeline

Fall (Sept.—Oct.—Nov.):
Winter (Dec.—Jan.—Feb.):
Spring (Mar.—Apr.—May—Jun.):
Summer (Jul.—Aug.):
School Budget Projects:

Any extensions to complete your project must be requested and granted in writing. Approval will be based on the availability of funds.

NJEA UniServ headquarters will process reimbursement forms that are submitted on time and complete as quickly as possible.

To expedite the payment to NJEA’s contracted PRIDE vendor for promotional items, we will pay this vendor directly. After you order your items and they are shipped to you, the vendor will send you an acknowledgment, confirming what you ordered and the cost. An invoice with the same information will be sent directly to NJEA for payment. The invoice is payable within 30 days, so please alert your UniServ regional office immediately if your acknowledgment is not correct. This will enable us to make any necessary adjustments to the invoice before it is paid. The amount paid to the PRIDE vendor will be deducted form your total PRIDE funding.

To maintain positive working relationships with other vendors for non-promotional item expenses, please be sure to pay them by their due dates. All payments by NJEA will be made by EFT (electronic fund transfer).

Please be sure to complete the "Confirmation of Organizing Strategies" section on the PRIDE Reimbursement form. In addition, samples of all printed materials should be attached to the PRIDE Reimbursement Form (sign-in sheet, invitation, agenda, flyer, thank-you letter, certificate, etc.).
Jim Boice
Field Representative ~ Membership & Organizational Development
New Jersey Education Association
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