PRIDE and The Sandy Ground Projects

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PRIDE and The Sandy Ground Projects

Postby JimBoice » April 1st, 2013, 11:46 am

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Re: PRIDE and The Sandy Ground Projects

Postby JimBoice » April 1st, 2013, 11:47 am

March 11, 2013

NJEA’s PRIDE in Public Education campaign is a statewide effort to share the successes of public education with all New Jerseyans and build strong community support for and involvement in our public schools. PRIDE provides grants to NJEA’s local affiliates for projects that bring the public schools out into the community and the community into the public schools. Visit Here’s how you can use the PRIDE program to organize your members and community to help build The Sandy Ground playgrounds.

Get involved now:

Apply for a PRIDE grant

Below is a short list of sample PRIDE projects that you can submit in order to provide support for The Sandy Ground project. You are encouraged to brainstorm your own unique solutions as well. When you are ready, apply for a PRIDE grant by downloading the PRIDE forms from Remember to submit an updated cover sheet with your application that reflects your previously approved funding plus any new funding that you are seeking.

Speaking of funding, current PRIDE funding limitations upon your local (i.e. if your local has reached or exceeded its PRIDE funding limit) will be waived depending on need. If your local is already at its maximum PRIDE funding level but wants to seek more for this effort, email Jim Boice at for more details. If you need assistance with the PRIDE grant application, contact your NJEA regional UniServ office.

Sample PRIDE projects:

• Your local association may choose to “adopt” one of the prospective Sandy Ground playgrounds listed below. This may make it easier to excite your members, students, and community to raise funds. In your promotional material, you can mention the location of the playground and who it is dedicated to. Involve the community in your fundraising efforts, and PRIDE will pay for your promotional materials. NOTE: not all playground sites and dedications have been selected yet. Visit [url][/url] for the most up-to-date information.

Ocean City, NJ
Normandy, NJ
Fireman's Park, Union Beach, NJ
Atlantic City, NJ
Normandy Beach, NJ Dedication: Chase Kowalski

• Sponsor a Pennies for Play challenge that has students in different classes, grades, or schools competing to see who can raise the most funds. Send a flier home with students to invite families to participate in the competition. Students in the winning class could receive a homework pass for their efforts, etc. PRIDE can pay for any promotional costs as well as containers to store the collected funds (buckets, bins, etc.). This idea is based on a recent PRIDE project completed by the Carlstadt Education Association.
• Organize a community donating effort complete with teams that will canvass the community asking for donations, etc. Include the cost of any meals for your volunteers in your PRIDE application as well as any other costs.
• Sponsor a fundraising event such as a school talent show, etc. Include any sponsorship costs on your PRIDE application.
• Host an essay contest within your district that challenges students to reflect upon Hurricane Sandy and/or the tragic events of Newtown, CT’s Sandy Hook School. PRIDE can pay for any costs relating to an evening event in which parents and the community are invited to hear the winning entries and meet the students. Fundraising efforts can be ongoing during the evening event.
• Sponsor a scrapbooking event. Host a fun-filled day of scrapbooking and serve meals to participants. Teach participants about digital and traditional scrapbooking, have supplies on hand, and invite representatives from local scrapbooking shops to participate. Sell tickets to your event; proceeds can benefit The Sandy Ground. PRIDE will cover the costs of your meals, promotional materials, and supplies. This idea is based on a recent PRIDE project completed by the North Burlington County Regional EA.
• Host a social event to benefit The Sandy Ground. Raise funds via ticket sales, direct donations, a basket auction, etc. PRIDE can pay for your refreshments, entertainment, decorations, supplies, and promotional materials. This idea is based on a recent PRIDE project completed by the Washington Township EA of Gloucester County.
• Hold a senior/grandparents/special friends day in your school. Invites seniors, relatives of your students, and neighbors from the community into your school. This project will create and spread goodwill throughout the community. Your local association could serve a meal, invite students to perform, and offer a tour of the school. Encourage your members to attend and interact with the community. PRIDE can cover the costs of your meal, supplies, and any promotional materials. This idea is based on a PRIDE project recently completed by the Ocean Gate EA.
• PRIDE will also cover any printing and publicizing costs inherent to your efforts.

Efforts to support hurricane Sandy victims should go beyond members and reach out to the community. Even locals not in the affected areas can mount a community organizing effort. Here’s how you can reach out to your community in order to involve them in your efforts:

• Reach out to your local PTA or PTO and build a partnership in support of these initiatives. Consider reaching out to other groups such as the band boosters, etc.
• Activate your PRIDE community supporter database (those email addresses and cell phone numbers that you collect at all your great PRIDE activities).
• Encourage school administrators to use the district email database and/or robocall system as well as the district website and/or text-messaging service to get the message out that you are raising funds for this cause.
• Reach out to community newspapers and television stations.
• Reach out to community groups (municipality managers, churches, historical societies, civic organizations, local police and firefighters, local government, etc.).
• Your local could get the word out to students and involve them in the project via fliers and announcements.
• Use all available social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach the community.

Seek recognition:

Whatever you decide to do to help, make sure your members and your local get recognized for your efforts.

• Take pictures and post them on your association website or Facebook page.
• Shoot video and upload it to your website or YouTube channel.
• Send your media into your local newspapers and television stations.
• Speak to your administration and ask for permission to have your media posted to your district’s website.
• Submit press releases to your local newspapers and television stations inviting reporters to your events (contact your regional office for a sample press release).
• Create an association flier that you can distribute at your events that highlights your local’s sponsorship and details how our members and students are making a difference.
• As with any PRIDE event, ensure that your association banner is hanging at the venue.
• Following the event, send a thank you or message to the community members that attended your event thanking them or providing additional information.

Useful links:

As locals apply for PRIDE funding for PRIDE projects that benefit The Sandy Ground, we will maintain a list and post examples of their descriptions on our Facebook page. Check it often:

Here is the official Sandy Ground website:
Jim Boice
Field Representative ~ Membership & Organizational Development
New Jersey Education Association
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Re: PRIDE and The Sandy Ground Projects

Postby rabika » July 17th, 2013, 5:30 am

Please join the Union County Education Association's Pennies for Play Fundraiser. UCEA will be donating all money raised from this fundraiser to the Sandy Ground Project, an organization dedicated to rebuilding playgrounds destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The playgrounds will then be dedicated to one of the twenty-six victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. 50% of all sales will be donated, and your purchase will be shipped directly to you with a 100% money back guarantee.

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