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Postby JimBoice » October 25th, 2013, 10:15 am

Coffee Klatches: Not your average cup of joe!

What are they?

Coffee Klatches are small, informal get-togethers hosted by supportive parents in their homes. The purpose of Coffee Klatches is to improve your association's commuity relations and to take the opportunity to listen to what parents have to say--to hear their interests, opinions, and desires about their public schools.

Why should my local organize one?

The more people know about your association, your members, and the issues you are facing, the more you increase your chances to have their support. And, most importantly, by identifying individuals in the community who support your association, you can generate a list of allies for the future.

What if our community is not supportive?

Your association and its members may have an accurate read on the community and you may not. Coffee Klatches allow you to test your assumptions in a friendly environment, and to adjust your perceptions if your assumptions are inaccurate.

What do you we have to gain?

More often than not, your association and the parents you serve share common values, desires, and vision. Coffee Klatches let you discover where you have common ground, and how to find it where it may not exist.

Read a story about a local holding a Coffee Klatch here: ... custodians
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Postby AndrewLewis » January 23rd, 2016, 9:50 am

"How To Host A Coffee Klatch" from NJEA's PRIDE page.
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