Member Surveys and Meet & Greet Fliers

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Member Surveys and Meet & Greet Fliers

Postby JimBoice » October 25th, 2013, 10:06 am

Member Surveys and Meet & Greet Fliers: The beginning of a beautiful relationship!

It is a fact that member surveys are valuable tools for any local association during bargaining. But have you considered using a survey to promote great things about the people who work in your district?

NJEA offers a member survey that is designed to find out information about your members to use as part of your ongoing media and public relations efforts. By having your members answer some simple questions about who they are and what they do, you will have all the tools your local will need to create a fantastic new piece to allow parents and community residents to get to know you better.

Ways to use the meet & greet flier:

-- Handout at back to school night and parent conferences.
-- Distribute it at PTA meetings and events.
-- Work with your administration to "backpack" it with students.
-- Give it to your local realtors for prospective homebuyers.
-- And many more!

The best part is that these surveys can be tailored to suit any local association, so whether you choose to ask a small number of questions or a lot, the results you discover are worth sharing!

Go here to get started with your survey: ... 72326&_z=z

*NEW* We have spoken to members who recently used the Forms feature of Google Drive to make their surveys for members. This will make it easier to tabulate the results of your survey.

Learn more about Google Drive Forms here:

Read a story about a local using the meet & greet flier here: ... custodians

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Google Drive

Postby Jeremy Long » October 27th, 2013, 8:57 am

I am the PRIDE chair for the Hunterdon Central Education Association. Just wanted to explain briefly how I was able to (and still do) use Google forms and docs to organize members.

There are 372 members of our local. We are a rather large school district. It is often difficult to get people together in the same place and email certainly does have its limitations (i.e. sometimes people just ignore an email). So what I do is create Google docs through Google Drive. For instance, we have begun to organize Cash Mobs (small gatherings of members at local, small businesses where we commit to spending up to $5.00 or so). I used a Google Form (a simple survey to see who would be coming to the mob) to get an idea of numbers. I also use a Google doc and simply create a table that members can add their names to (I am thinking here of the time when I needed people at our association tables on two campuses during Back to School night to hand our association fliers and free gear).

I highly recommend using Google docs to organize. Otherwise, you'll be emailing incessantly. Google docs will save you time!

Jeremy Long
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