Creating Bulletin Boards

  1. To be effective, bulletin boards should be:
    • simple
    • attractive
    • functional
    • appropriate
    • changed frequently

  2. Doing this isn't easy. Use the hundreds of commercial bulletin board books available to you. Explore the possibility of commercial materials. Use your students and their work too.

  3. Little commercial advice is available on what to do with bulletin board materials when you remove them. Save yourself some time and frustration by adapting these filing guidelines to meet your needs:
    • school month files (months, periods of time like 'Back to School')
    • alphabetical order
    • holidays, alphabetical or chronological
    • subjects (academic or other)

  4. Regardless of the file method you use, include in your system a small metal box with 3x5 index cards arranged alphabetically. Jot down bulletin board ideas for future use and don?t let a brainstorm slip by.