3 hints for substitute survival

Sometime you're going to miss a day of school. Of course, you're not planning to -- but it will happen and the ideal time to prepare is now.

1. Label a file folder or notebook and keep it in a prominent place for 'The Substitute.' If you move around the building, jot a note in your plan book about the location of this file.

2. Include in the file:

  • Schedule of classes
  • Odd schedules for special days
  • Students who get special attention such as medication, therapy, special programs
  • Class lists and seating charts
  • Opening activities
  • Classroom rules and discipline procedures
  • Floor plan, emergency drill procedures

3. Prepare your students for the eventuality of a substitute teacher. Let them know exactly what you expect of them when you are gone. Assure young students that you will return. Let older students know that you will be informed of their behavior and progress during your absence.