Differentiated Instruction Resources

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) This web site introduces differentiated instruction by providing a definition, identifying components/features of differentiated instruction, and discussing applications to general education classroom settings. References, downloads, and links to other sources are also provided.

Education World Discover how research into how students learn led to changes in how teachers teach -- and the differentiated model of education.

ERIC Digest
In most elementary classrooms, some students struggle with learning, others perform well beyond grade-level expectations, and the rest fit somewhere in between. Within each of these categories of students, individuals also learn in a variety of ways and have different interests. To meet the needs of a diverse student population, many teachers differentiate instruction. This Digest describes differentiated instruction, discusses the reasons for differentiating instruction, discusses what makes it successful, and suggests how teachers can start implementing it.

Middle Web Differentiated instruction resources for middle school educators.

After having read what the research has to offer on differentiated instruction, specifically, brain-based research on learning, learning styles and multiple intelligences, and authentic assessment, you are now ready to plan.