Internet Safety Resources is provided by the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. CSRUI provides resources for educators and others to promote the safe and responsible use of the Internet. is a central repository and information clearinghouse for the phenomenon of cyberbullying. Here we will make available the latest news and headlines, and provide research findings, press releases, reports, and a number of useful resources and materials to assist those in positions that directly or indirectly deal with this problem.

The self-proclaimed leader in internet safety education.

Another site from the cyberbullying guru, Parry Aftab.

A Program of WiredSafety: The World's Largest Internet Safety, Help and Education Organization.

The following criteria were considered when choosing each site:  

  • It was recently updated.
  • It contains the author’s name or organization.
  • It is not purely commercial.
  • It is “member friendly.”
  • It has been reviewed by NJEA.