Mathematics Resources

A+ Math                

A+ Math contains interactive games, flash cards, worksheets and homework helper sections for students in grades K through 8.  This site includes both simple and more advanced problems.

Most of the content deals with pre-algebra skills, concentrating on fractions, decimals, order of operations and integers.  There are also some basic algebra concepts including one and two step equations. My favorite area is “MathTools” under the Resources & Tools link. You can browse different interactive websites and programs for students to reinforce math concepts.  You can search in any ways, including grade level, topic area, program (ie sketchpad), etc. 

Dr. Math   

The site is created and maintained by the Math Forum at Drexel University.  This award winning site is irresistible.  Check it out! 

This site contains questions and answers dealing with math concepts from elementary through high school level courses.  The concepts range in depth and variety.  Teachers find this to be a very useful site for questions and answers to guide instruction. 

Global Grocery List     

The Global Grocery List generates a table of student collected information to be used by classes of all levels and subject areas.  Lists may be used to supplement math, science, social studies, health and writing classes.

The information at this site is derived from grocery lists in both the United States and Worldwide.  While the site does not provide activities, review or reinforcement of concepts, it is a good site for teachers when gathering data to use in the classroom. the World of Math Online contains interactive lessons and mindboggling mathematic workouts.  The site also includes free math homework help and math lessons.  Got a math problem?  Get a solution! 

This site contains homework help, reinforcement and review of concepts for courses from basic math through calculus.  There is a range in variety and depth of concepts covered. This website also provides a range of activities for introducing, reviewing and self-assessing concepts. 


This site is a rich mathematics learning tool with hundreds of award-winning lessons, exploration activities, tools and a community for sharing ideas.  A class management system allows for a customized online syllabus linking directly to lessons and activities. 

This site presents reference and curriculum materials for courses from basic math skills through high school courses.  There are teacher resources as well as activity and workbooks offered.  The site also offers the ability to track student progress through their online program. 

National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)      

The site contains information about your professional mathematics educator council and provides listings of the standards and teacher resource materials published by NCTM. 

The site also provides lessons and resources for teachers from elementary through higher education mathematics courses.  Additional resources include assessment, curriculum, equity and intervention.  There are teaching tips and related articles.  Members have access to publications, conferences and professional development opportunities as well.  Teachers may also access National Standards and Focal Points in Mathematics. 

Teaching Resources: Math and Science

A series of resources to help teachers make their math and science lesson plans captivating while generating interest.

Professor Freedman’s Math Help

A mixture of sound, humor, color, animation and graphics with lots of help for the math student.  Its purpose is to give students a self-directed and entertaining way learn basic math and algebra. 

Concepts covered are Basic Math, Algebra, Study Skills, Math Anxiety and Learning Styles. It was designed for community college adult learners taking Algebra.  Links are provided for information about learning styles , study skills and reducing math anxiety.  There are tutorials for students, math videos and a discussion forum.  The discussion forum is designed for adult college learners and the professor.  Since the site is specific for the professor/designer, it is focused exclusively on the two courses taught by professor Freedman. 

WebMath: Professional Development for Middle School Teachers

WebMath offers two free courses Brush up on Linear Functions and Brush up on Proportions for middle school teachers. Each course has 4 sessions and a final exam and is completed completely on-line. WebMath is a WestEd project. 

The content covered in the two online courses found on this site is middle school level.  They are two key concepts found in the NCTM Standards and Focal Points as well as in the NJCCCS.  It is not intended for student use and deals exclusively with the concepts of Linear Functions and Proportions. 

This month's resources were compiled by Heather Henderson

Meet Heather Henderson – The Center’s Math Fellow 

Heather Henderson is the mathematics fellow for the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning.  In this capacity, Heather is an advisor to the three middle schools participating in the Center’s middle school mathematics grant – an initiative to create professional learning communities of educators to address student achievement gaps in mathematics. 

Heather is currently a math teacher at the William Allen Middle School in Moorestown, NJ. She has a Masters Degree in School Leadership, and a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Mathematics. 

Heather welcomes comments about the websites reviewed below, and is looking for suggestions for additional math web resources to be included at this site.  Heather can be reached at