New Jersey History Resources

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New Jersey  Historical Society

The New Jersey Historical Society is a state-wide, private, non profit historical museum, library, and archives dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the rich and intricate political, social, cultural and economic history of New Jersey to the broadest possible audiences. Founded in 1845, we are the oldest cultural institution in the state. Through exhibitions, publications, and programming, we examine who and what we are, what it means to live and work in New Jersey.

New Jersey  History Kids

The New Jersey History Kids multimedia website is intended to instruct New Jersey students in grades K through 4 in New Jersey History and Social Studies in accordance with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Social Studies, adopted by the New Jersey State Department of Education in October 2004.

The website consists of eleven units: (1) the Lenape, (2) Farming, (3) Industry, (4) Invention, (5) the Underground Railroad, (6) the American Revolution, (7) Immigrants, (8) the Statehouse, (9) Barnegat Bay, (10)Delaware Bay, and (11) the Pinelands.

New Jersey  History Mysteries

This site is dedicated to all the little known and mostly forgotten people, places and events that make New Jersey the interesting state that it is. Pirates, politicians, murderers and heroes have all made their way through New Jersey's history, and the stories and photographs posted here document their journeys. Also, this site features those places and events that were once famous, feared or revered in New Jersey history, but that few today remember. We feature a new story each month, and strive to answer any and all questions about New Jersey history. If you have a question, click on "Questions About New Jersey History." 

State of New Jersey

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