Social Studies Resources

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government

Ben Franklin is the host of this site sponsored by the U.S. Government Printing Office.  The site has sections for k-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 with language appropriate for each group. It also contains an overview of the three branches of government and how laws are made.

Ellis Island Family History Center

Research passenger records of ships that brought immigrants to Ellis Island between the years 1892 and 1924, or create a family scrapbook and a personal Ellis Island file.  Be sure to check out the "Wall of Honor!"

Eyewitness:  History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It

This award-winning site "illuminates the past through personal narratives."   The index provides a list of eyewitness accounts arranged by date.  "Voices of the Twentieth Century" is a collection of downloadable historically important speeches in Real Audio format.

History Net

The site is heavily text oriented, but contains some excellent primary sources - interviews and eyewitness accounts.  The archives make it an excellent educational resource.  The site also contains online forums for Social Studies educators.

History Place

Also heavily text oriented, but  worth a visit for American History educators. 

Internet Women's History Source Book

This collection of historically important documents includes deliberations which reflect the various views of women's history.  The site provides easy access to primary sources within clearly defined historical periods.

National Council for Social Studies Online

The National Council for the Social Studies is the largest organization in the country devoted to Social Studies education.  NCSS engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating Social Studies.  Find information regarding conferences and other professional development opportunities for Social Studies teachers, as well as links to national Social Studies standards.  The site also includes a "members only" section and a discussion  board. 

National Geographic Xpeditions

This site is based upon the National Geography Standards.  It includes a description and lesson plans for each of the 18 standards.  Check out the Xpedition Hall for a geography adventure that  supports the Geography Standards. The site also contains a forum for educators.