New Jersey Council for the Humanities Three-Day Summer Workshops

Educators looking for an opportunity for professional renewal and academic growth should consider The Teacher Institute, a three-day professional development program sponsored by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH). This year NJCH is offering two programs, both to be held at The College of New Jersey, Ewing. Open to the state’s K-12 teachers, principals and librarians, the institute has served over 4,000 educators since 1994. Earn 21 hours of continuing education credit, take part in lectures, discussions and curriculum workshops led by an inspired faculty, and leave feeling enriched both personally and professionally. Coursework explores new materials and methods that address New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Books and meals are provided.

“Changes to the New Jersey Landscape: The Historical and Cultural Geography of the Garden State,” July 16-18 Explores the cultural, economic and historical geography that has provided different New Jersey landscapes with their meanings, this course discusses the categories of race, ethnicity, gender and class as understood in spatial terms. Participants will come away with skills applicable to their own classrooms and communities, in order to explain changes to the buildings, spaces and populations that constitute their own New Jersey backyards.

“Literature of Revolution,” July 23-25 – addresses the concept of “revolution” from several perspectives: political, historical, sociological, and literary, this course uses case studies from the American Revolution to the Arab Spring. Explore conditions that inspire groups and individuals to rise up against their governments. Utilizing primary sources such as political tracts, artistic and literary representations, music and film, as well as scholarly analysis of revolutions, participants will develop skills and content knowledge to enhance the curriculum in several fields: world and American history and literature, social studies, technology gender, art and cultural studies.

Date: Changes to the New Jersey Landscape: The Historical and Cultural Geography of the Garden State – July 16-18; Literature of Revolution – July 23-25
The College of New Jersey, Ewing
$50 for each course (due upon acceptance)
Mary Grace Whealan
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June 15