Summer Inclusion Conference: Growth for All

The N.J. Coalition for Inclusive Education (NJCIE) will sponsor its 12th annual Summer Inclusion Conference, themed “Growth for All,” June 25 and 26 at Montclair State University. Keynote and plenary speakers include: siblings Lucas and Emily Singer, who will share their experiences growing up in a family with someone with Down syndrome; Randy Sprick, Ph.D., educational consultant and trainer; Dr. Tracey Sevrens, chief academic officer for the New Jersey Department of Education; and Dr. Rebecca Sarlo, coordinator of secondary schools, Florida Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project.

Student growth is the key concept of present educational reform and inclusion is an integral component. While state and federal initiatives aim at closing gaps and helping all students reach grade level standards, the focus for students with disabilities is on progress in their individual goals as well as growth toward curriculum benchmarks. To teachers and families alike, it all seems so complex.

The goal of the conference is to reduce the confusion by providing teachers with strategies to make growth possible for those who struggle the most and to help parents understand how to ensure meaningful education for their children. The conference will offer more than 25 workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • School Climate and Behavior
  • Universal Design for Learning and Classroom Technology
  • Differentiation
  • Literacy Strategies
  • Math Strategies
  • Disability Specific Strategies
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Collaborative Teaching Practices
  • Problem Solving for Inclusion
  • Planning for Students with More Significant Needs
  • Planning Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Date: June 25-26
The Conference Center at Montclair State University
$210 for two days
Gina Simeone, executive assistant
Online registration:
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Registration deadline:
June 20