For the school-based PD committees, what will be the term for the teachers?

  • At this time, LPDC terms are one two year terms, and may be reappointed up to three times in an eight year period. Term lengths for the SPDC’s are the same.

If a district is ONE building district, how do they determine their School Committees?

  • In a one school district, only the LPDC will create the PD plan.

Does all of this apply to charter schools?

  • The regulations do apply to charter schools if their staff must have certification to be employed.

Will the existence of school based committees change the role of the LPDC?

  • It will change the way in which the plan is written and how information is provided for the local plan. The LPDC will still have the responsiblity to write the comprehensive local PD plan.

What if no one wants to be elected to the School-based PD Committee?

  • This is an opportunity for educators to be given a voice. Associations should encourage participation on these teams. The local Association president may appoint a member to fill any vacancy.

Who is accountable for making sure that a new hire has a PDP within 60 days?

  • The Chief School Administrator has the responsibility to implement regulation in the district. He should make sure school administrators are providing PDPs to newly hired staff members. The local Association should inform all new teachers of this regulation and work with them to make sure they have a PDP so all their professional development activities for that year count. The local Association has the grievance procedure to use for noncompliance of regulation.
    The 60 day PDP requirement for new hires begins Sept. 1, 2008.

What happened to the stipends in the Abbott District?

  • Stipends are negotiable and need to be negotiated during contract negotiations. If your district pays a stipend (as per policy), the understanding of payment should be clear between the LPDC and the chief school administrator.

Are there changes in the requirements for part-time staff?

  • Currently, the formula remains the same.

Are there any new regulations that will affect the revising of the district teacher mentoring plan?

  • New mentor regulations:
    • Creation of three year plan due June 15, 2008 to district BOE
    • Due August 1, 2008 to County Superintendent

    Are mentoring activities counted hour-for-hour?

    • Mentor PD hours equal one hour per week. Mentee PD hours include any district activities.

    How will building-based plans feed into the district plan? How will the format of district plans change? What will be the requirements for each?

    • School PD plans will be the back bone of the district PD plan. The PTSB is creating a guidance document for each plan and a template, one for school plans and one for district plans. (for integration of school plans) Requirements will be found in the implementation guide.

    Can more than one administrator be on the school committee?

    • No. The regulations are clear. At least three teachers and one administrator.

    Is it the responsibility of the Local PD Committee to educate the schools and their administrators about these new standards?

    • When districts are trained in the fall of 2008, the DOE will choose administrators and teachers on the LPDC to be trained. We are certain that LPDC members will be asked to turnkey any trainings.

    When are the school committees to meet?

    • This will vary from district to district and building to building. Regulations do not mandate time or location.