Who We Are

Mission, Vision & Goals  

Read a description of NJEA's vision and goals.

Fact Sheet

Find information on NJEA's membership, staff, governance, officers, and affiliations.

Governance Structure

NJEA is a democratic organization. NJEA members determine the direction and focus of the Association. Here you can find a description of NJEA's governing bodies.

Leadership & Staff

Find information on NJEA's state leadership, staff, and committees.

Promoting Excellence

NJEA supports public education, and believes that every public school should be a state-of-the-art facility that offers its students the broadest and highest quality educational program.

Good News about NJ Public Schools

New Jersey has been named as one of the four "smartest states" in the country based on the quality of its public elementary and secondary schools. Read more good news about New Jersey's great public schools.

NJEA History

The New Jersey Education Association was founded in 1853 by a group of educators with a desire to improve public education and elevate the teaching profession. Read more about the history of NJEA.

NJEA Regional Offices

The NJEA-NEA UniServ Network provides extensive field services to members and local and county affiliates throughout the state. Operating on a coordinated, statewide basis, the UniServ representatives and office staff work out of 22 regional offices to supply doorstep service to members.