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PARCC bill passes Assembly

Senate must act next

On Monday, Feb. 23 the Assembly voted 63-7 to pass A-4190, a bill to stop most high-stakes uses of PARCC for three years. The overwhelming bipartisan support for the bill reflects the broad concern among parents, educators and voters about the harmful consequences of PARCC.

Now it is up to the Senate to pass its version of the bill, S-2768. That bill has not yet been heard in the Senate Education Committee.

 Please contact your senator today and ask for quick action on S-2768.

ESEA reauthorization moving quickly

Opportunity to fix NCLB flaws

Take ActionFor the first time since No Child Left Behind (NCLB) became law in 2002, Congress appears poised to reauthorize – and make significant changes to – the underlying Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  This is an opportunity for NJEA members to make a difference on issues that matter to us, especially in the area of standardized testing.

The current obsession with high-stakes standardized testing started with NCLB.  Now, with parents and educators uniting across the country in opposition to the overuse and misuse of those tests, federal legislators in both parties are ready to consider changes that could reduce the amount of testing and lower the stakes for students, educators and schools.  But they have to hear from us.

Please contact your federal representatives today.  Time is short.  Act now!

Our Senators need to hear what ESEA reauthorization should look like directly from NEA members now.
Below are links to resources for member outreach: