Senate bill introduced to eliminate test scores in evaluation

Take ActionA-4122, which would eliminate the use of test scores from teacher evaluation as required in TEACHNJ, passed in the full Assembly at the end of September.  The Senate version, S-2668, has been introduced in the Senate by Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1). 

This bill follows the trend established by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  ESSA, which replaced the failed No Child Left Behind Act, removes the requirement that states use standardized test scores in teacher evaluation.  ESSA requires states use multiple measures and a new indicator of student success.  ESSA allows states to move away from the high-stakes use of test scores for both teachers and students.

While Senator Van Drew introduced the bill, we need to build support for the bill in the entire house.  Contact your members of the Senate and ask them to co-sponsor S-2668. Tell them:

  • High-stakes tests hurt students and teachers;
  • The federal Every Student Succeeds Act does not require the use of test scores in teacher evaluation;
  • Removing test scores from teacher evaluation will ensure teachers can teach the whole child, and leave ample time for courses other than math and English.

Contact your Senate representative and ask him or her to co-sponsor S-2668.  Tell your senator that high-stakes tests hurt students and teachers, and take time away from learning that matters.  Please support S-2668.