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Resolution to place Constitutional Amendment on pensions on ballot awaits vote

School employees and other public employees have committed their lives to public service with the expectation that their pensions would be available when they retire. 

Unfortunately, the state’s failure to pay its share of pension system funding for the last decade has threatened this retirement security.  Moreover, the state has failed to make the payments required by P.L. 2011, c. 78, and last June’s New Jersey Supreme Court decision allows the state to continue to forego or underfund public employee pensions.

Amending the state Constitution may be the only way to force the state to meet its pension obligations.  To be on the November 2016 ballot, both houses of the New Jersey Legislature must pass a concurrent resolution—known as ACR-109/SCR 2— authorizing the language to go before the voters in a general election.

NJEA SUPPORTS THIS RESOLUTION for several reasons.  It:

  • Requires quarterly pension payments.
  • Establishes a responsible funding schedule.
  • Protects the right of vested public employees to their earned pension benefits.
  • Provides that pension funding obligations would be enforceable in court.

Please contact your legislator and urge his/her support of this resolution.  Tell him/her that New Jersey can no longer ignore its obligation to fund public employee pensions;  vote yes on ACR109/SCR2. 

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Ask your legislators to support funding for county colleges and their students

The proposed 2017 State Budget once again provides only flat-funding for county colleges, even as the Christie Administration bemoans the fact that college-aged residents are leaving the state, primarily to attend more affordable colleges and universities.

Higher education funding should be a priority for our state, yet operating aid for public higher education institutions, including county colleges, is flat-funded in the proposed budget.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to:

  • Increase state aid for county colleges in the in the FY2017 State Budget;
  • Support increased funding of the county college building and renovation fund;
  • Support increased funding of NJ STARS; and
  • Support significant increases to student financial aid programs for county college students.