The leadership of Wayne Education Association, in conjunction with Wayne Custodial Maintenance Association and the Wayne Special Education Aides Association, held a unique community event Monday night at Wayne Valley High School. Students and caregivers were invited to hear a presentation from former WWE Wrestler and motivational speaker Marc Mero. The message of the evening was to make the right choices, especially when confronted with life’s challenges and obstacles. It was a gathering of a community of caring, with the Association in the lead.

The commitment of all of the Associations to the students and families was clear. President Eda Ferrate was joined by First Vice President Dennis Carroll and Second Vice President Kerrian Palmieri in warmly greeting families. President Luigi Nucci of the Custodial Maintenance Staff was there as well showing his commitment to the school community.

The event was also enthusiastically supported by Principal Kenneth J. Palczewski, Superintendent of Schools Mark Toback, and the Wayne Board of Education. Board member Stacey Scher attended the presentation, as well as Mayor Chris Vergano. Mayor Vergano enthusiastically thanked the Associations, and shared that his own children attended the schools. He was eager to thank NJEA for its commitment to students and that Wayne “loves our teachers!”

After the presentation, families were invited to two breakout sessions in smaller settings to discuss the opioid epidemic and its impact. After hearing difficult and at times tragic stories of addiction and loss during the presentation, the Associations quite responsibly provided the opportunity for families to discuss addiction and its warning signs. NJEA Field Representative in the Organizational Development Division Jaime Valente led the discussion with parents/caregivers, and Professional Development Division Consultant Gabriel Tanglao led the student discussion.

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