Associate Director of Government Relations

NJEA announces a vacancy for an associate director in the Government Relations Division.


  1.  Promote NJEA and NEA legislation with state, county, and local association leaders and members through campaigns, workshops, etc.

  2.  Contact legislators in Trenton, Washington, D.C., and in their home districts.

  3.  Assist in the preparation of NJEA position statements and arguments on legislation and regulations.

  4.  Analyze legislation and regulations pertaining to education, public employment, and other matters of concern to NJEA.

  5.  Present NJEA positions at meetings of NJ Assembly and Senate committees, US Congress, and NJ State Board of Education. 

  6.  Work with other NJEA and NEA divisions and staff members on activities involving legislation, regulations, and political action.

  7.  Work with NJEA Government Relations and Congressional Contact committees and other appropriate NJEA committees in promoting state and federal legislation and regulations.

  8.  Work with other NJEA committees in the development of policy recommendations to the NJEA Delegate Assembly. 

  9.  Contact NJEA affiliates regarding legislation and regulations pertaining to their organizations.

 10. Assist with political action programs such as NJEA PAC fundraising, training, assistance to county and local education associations in such efforts.

11.  Work in campaigns of NJEA PAC-endorsed candidates in state and federal elections.  Assist with mayoral, county, and school district elections.

12.  Assist in coordination of the routine work and details of the operation of the division, such as:  replies to inquires on legislation, county legislative dinners, NJEA Legislative Conference, NJEA Legislative Guide, NJ Legislative Index; review agenda of the NJ legislative committees, maintenance of information materials related to priority legislation.

13.  Register as a legislative agent for NJEA and file required quarterly reports with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission.

14.  Assist with the NJEA-NEA Congressional Contact Team effort. 

15.  Monitor pertinent NJ state agencies and NJ Register.

16.  Assist with NJEA PAC and NEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education efforts, including reporting to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission.

17.  Perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the NJEA executive director or the director of government relations.


  1.  A basic understanding of how legislation is developed, introduced, and processed through the Legislature and Congress.

  2.  Experience and knowledge of New Jersey and the US political structure and operation.

  3.  Ability to analyze NJ agencies, regulations, and NJ Register.

  4.  Ability to analyze legislation.

  5.  Demonstrated competence in promoting legislation and political action.

  6.  Successful experience in working with legislators.

  7.  Ability to recruit and train member leaders and help them to become effective.

  8.  An assertive attitude in working with legislators, NJEA members, and the public; a “make-it-happen” style and personality.

  9.  Aptitude for speaking and writing in a clear, concise manner.

10.  Sufficient physical and emotional stamina to spend long hours in the Legislature and in the field.

11.  A bipartisan outlook on politics.

12.  A thorough understanding of and dedication to NJEA goals and the methods used to accomplish them.

13.  Experience in public schools and organization activities.

14.  Bachelor’s/master’s degree(s) desirable

Interested candidates should submit via email a letter of interest and rèsumè no later than July 5, 2016 to:

Ginger Gold
Director of Government Relations

An application will be forwarded for completion based upon review of the submitted resume. Applications are due by July 19, 2016.

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.