Executive Director

NJEA Executive Director Vincent Giordano has announced his intent to retire effective
Dec.1, 2013, after more than 43 years of dedicated service to NJEA. This creates an immediate vacancy for an executive director in the Executive Office.

General Responsibilities

  1.  The Executive Director is responsible for working closely with the Officers of the association in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect  and teamwork; being present to provide advice and information at all meetings of the Executive Committee, Delegate Assembly, and Property and Personnel Committee; initiating and managing all functions relating to the administration and supervision of staff, including part-time consultants. 
  2. The Executive Director shall advise and assist the Officers, Executive Committee, the Delegate Assembly, and the committees of the Association in executing the program of the Association in cooperation with the Officers as prescribed by the Executive Committee under the policies established by the Delegate Assembly.  The Executive Director shall have the right to be present and to be heard, but not to vote, at all meetings of Property & Personnel Committee, the Executive Committee and the Delegate Assembly. 
  3. The Executive Director shall keep all minutes and records of the Association, act as Secretary to the Executive Committee and the Delegate Assembly, keep a list of members of the Association, countersign expenditures authorized by the Secretary-Treasurer as may be required by rules and regulations approved by the Delegate Assembly, direct the activities of all Association employees, and perform such other duties as shall be assigned.
  4. The executive director is a member of the Association’s Leadership Team along with the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Assistant Executive Director.

Specific Duties

  1. Brings to the Property & Personnel Committee all informational reports and recommends all actions involving additions to/reductions, appointments, transfers, promotions and discipline of all staff, including part-time consultants.  In addition, the Executive Director shall bring to the Property and Personnel Committee all informational reports and recommendations for action involving the property and equipment of the Association. 
  2. Acts as a liaison between elected leaders and staff.
  3. Delegates responsibilities and coordinates efforts among other management staff, including the Assistant Executive Director.
  4. Is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of all management staff.
  5. Is responsible for general supervision of the budget, finances, maintenance of property, and payment of Association obligations.
  6. Is responsible for the efficiency and economy of all administrative procedures related to carrying out the programs of the Association.
  7. Provides for or oversees staff in-service training, professional development, and cooperative cross-divisional planning, opportunities, and activities.
  8. When appropriate, serves as a spokesperson for the Association.
  9. Assists the officers in the fulfillment of the association’s constitutional mandates, mission, and goals/objectives.
  10. Performs such other duties as may be assigned.


  1. Unique ability to get along with a wide range of people under varying conditions and circumstances.
  2. Stamina to work long hours and attend meetings, conferences and other association-related activities, including evenings and weekends, when necessary.
  3. Ability to use time efficiently.
  4. Understands and responds to the needs of dues paying members.
  5. Possesses personal characteristics which set high standards for staff members with respect to punctuality, integrity, loyalty, sensitivity to others, achievement, appearance, character, forthrightness, and professionalism.
  6. Five (5) years administrative experience with a NEA affiliate at the state or national level, or the equivalent.
  7. A thorough understanding of collective bargaining, money management, state and federal government relations, human relations, research, professional development/instructional issues, public relations, forms of communication, and other areas appropriate to association activities.
  8. A strong proponent of member advocacy coupled with a desire to improve educational opportunities for all children.
  9. A willingness to put programs and services to members above self interest.
  10. A thorough understanding of affirmative action policies and a willingness to promote the hiring of women and minorities.

Educational Attainment

Master’s Degree or Doctorate preferred.


Salary and benefits commensurate with applicant’s background, experience, and qualifications.


The Executive Director shall be assigned to the Executive office based at NJEA’s Trenton, New Jersey, headquarters.

Resume and Letter of Interest

Those who may be interested in this position should forward via email a letter of interest and a resume to Vincent Giordano, executive director, at vgiordano@njea.org by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 15, 2013.

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.