Wendell Steinhauer

Wendell Steinhauer, a high school mathematics teacher in Riverside public schools, is president of the New Jersey Education Association. Steinhauer previously served as NJEA’s vice president and secretary-treasurer. He was elected to his second, two-year term as president effective Sept. 1, 2015.

As an NJEA officer, Steinhauer has served as chair of the Property and Personnel Committee and the Affiliated Groups Council, as a member of the Staff Pension Fund, and as the liaison to Student NJEA. He formerly hosted “Classroom Close-up, NJ,” NJEA’s Emmy Award-winning weekly TV show airing on NJTV, featuring stories on innovative public school programs and current issues facing New Jersey educators. Steinhauer currently serves as a Commissioner of the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program and SEHBP Plan Design Committee.

Active in NJEA since early in his career, Steinhauer has served as the president (1999-2005), vice president (1987-1993, 1996-1999), and negotiations chair (1983-2005) of the Riverside Education Association. Steinhauer unified four separate locals under the umbrella of the REA, giving them all greater bargaining power.

Steinhauer also has served as President of the Burlington County Education Association (1999- 2005), South Jersey Caucus Chairman (2004-2005), and County President’s Council Vice President (2002-2005). Steinhauer worked tirelessly to help revitalize the County President’s Council by bringing together the 21 county education associations. The strengthened organization has been successful in resolving problems more quickly.

Additionally, Steinhauer served on the Delegate Assembly (6 years), Executive Committee (3 years), and chaired the NJEA Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee (2003-2005). Other committee assignments include Congressional Contact Committee, PAC Operating Committee, Gubernatorial Screening Committee, NEA Issues Committee, Hipp Grant Selection Committee, Expanded Scope of Advocacy Task Force, Membership Committee, and Hipp Grant Committee. He also has served on the Governor’s Panel for Excellent Schools.

Steinhauer served as one of NJEA’s elected members of the NEA Board of Directors. He was the first NJEA officer to concurrently hold the position of NEA Director. As NEA Director, he worked to build relationships and coalitions with other state leaders to accomplish common goals. He also has successfully organized a more effective lobbying system for New Jersey’s 15 representatives in Washington, DC.

Wendell’s focus as NJEA president is on running an efficient, effective organization that advances the interests of members by advocating and working for great public schools for every New Jersey student.

A graduate of Clarion State College in Pennsylvania, Steinhauer holds a Bachelor of Science degree. He and his wife Mary, an elementary school teacher in Riverside, have three grown children. Steinhauer has taught and coached in Riverside for 27 years.