Fact Sheet


Teachers (125,079) and ESP (49,179); retired educators (28,180); student members (1059); and general and subscribing members (23) for a total of 203,520 members.


A headquarters building at 180 W. State St. in Trenton, New Jersey, and 22 regional offices throughout the state.


The staff is organized into seven divisions: Business, Communications, Executive Office, Government Relations, Professional Development, Research and Economic Services, and UniServ.


NJEA policy is made by an elected Delegate Assembly of 125 members. Policy is implemented by a 40-member Executive Committee elected by the counties, by higher education members, and by professional non-classroom personnel. Policy recommendations come from NJEA’s 40 standing and special committees.


As of September 1, 2021, annual dues are:

  • $991 for active professional members (full-time);
  • $495.50 (part-time professional); $495.50 (on leave professional);
  • $483 for active supportive members (full-time);
  • $241.50 (part-time supportive); $241.50 (on leave supportive);
  • $87 for retired professional members;
  • $60 for retired ESP;
  • $1080 for retired professional life members;
  • $675 for retired ESP life members;
  • $32 for student members;
  • $250 for general professional members (outside NJ public education employment); and
  • $250 for subscribing members.


NJEA is the state affiliate of the National Education Association. NJEA has a local affiliate in every school district in New Jersey, almost all of them the legally recognized bargaining agent for that district’s teachers. In many other districts, NJEA has one or more education support professionals such as secretary, bus driver, custodian, etc.

NJEA also has local affiliates in most of New Jersey’s county colleges and in several of the state colleges. In addition, New Jersey’s subject-matter associations — such as the Teachers of English — are affiliates of NJEA.


Sean M. Spiller, a high school science teacher in the Wayne public schools.
Steve Beatty, a high school social studies teacher in the Bridgewater-Raritan school district
Petal Robertson, a high school English teacher in the Montclair School District.


Director of Communications

Steve Baker

609.599.4561 x2318

Assoc. Director for Public Relations

Meredith Barnes

609.599.4561 x2224

Assoc. Director for Organizing & Coalition Building

Dawn Hiltner

609.599.4561 x2320

Assoc. Director for Public Relations

Christy Kanaby

609.599.4561 x2347

Assoc. Director for Public Relations

Matt Stagliano

609.599.4561 x2311