Civil Rights and the Schoolhouse: A Historiography of American Educational Policy Implications on Students and Teachers

The New Jersey Amistad Commission is proud to present its annual four-day regional Summer Curriculum Institute in the northern and southern regions of the state.

  • Southern region: Rowan University in Glassboro, July 23-26.
  • Northern region: Kean University in Union, July 30-Aug 2.

This year’s curriculum institute will be a four-day residential program that gives educators access to prominent historians and scholars. The aim of the program is to teach additional methodological and pedagogical techniques, while looking at special topics in history in order to fulfill mandate of the statute that created the Amistad Commission to infuse African-American history into the K-12 social studies curriculum.

Educators may earn professional-development credit, as well be given an opportunity to design curriculum materials. The institute is designed to provide educators with the opportunity to use the Amistad online resource to examine the prevailing and diverse descriptions of the events through first- person narratives, historians, educators, and community leaders to analyze contemporary primary sources and opposition texts, and using informational-texts methods and strategies that were created specifically for educators to use in their classrooms and required by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). Each participant is trained to use the Amistad web-based curriculum, a multimedia resource for educators in New Jersey.

This summer the Amistad Commission institute, titled Civil Rights and the Schoolhouse: A Historiography of American Educational Policy Implications on Students and Teachers,’ will look at the American schoolhouse at the apex of America’s civil rights struggle, as well as examine America’s legal battles in the education arena throughout the 19th and 20th century.

The Amistad Institute will help Educators contextualize the formation of public education and the shifts in educational philosophies and reform movements as it relates to civil rights attainments in this nation; with particular focus on the intersectionality of ethnicity, race, and class. In the American schoolhouse, civic engagement, community engagement, civil rights policy and praxis, as well as curriculum development has been a modality of community development and political agency past and present.

Two-step application process

The application is a two-step process that includes online registration and the submission of a resume and an application essay.

The application deadline is July 6.

  • To apply for the southern regional program Rowan University in Glassboro see this document.
  • To apply for the northern regional program Kean University in Union see this document.

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