Annual NJEA Higher Education Member of the Year Awards

The NJEA Higher Education Member of the Year Awards recognize a deserving member in each of the following job categories — higher education faculty, ESP, and administrative — who exemplifies a record of distinguished union advocacy and service to his or her local and/or state association.


  1. Each nominee must be an active professional or active supportive NJEA member working in higher education or a N.J. Retired Education Association member who was previously a NJEA active member working in higher education.
  2. The nominee must be or have been an active NJEA member for at least ten years.
  3. The nominee must demonstrate leadership in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Local, state, or national affiliate based on offices or positions held {Specify name of affiliate(s), office(s) or position(s) and years held, and duties performed in the position(s).}
    2. Association accomplishments and/or advances in such areas as, but not limited to:
      • bargaining,
      • communications,
      • research,
      • finance/budget,
      • professional learning,
      • membership
      • political action,
      • public relations,
      • working conditions,
      • campus or community service/involvement, and
      • other issues affecting members and higher education (specify).
    3. Involvement in innovative programs or activities that related to their membership, other locals on campus, or the community.
    4. Contributions to the general NJEA higher education community through service on committees, subcommittees, task forces, governance bodies, or other activities that advanced the association, the higher education professions, and the common good of higher education.
    5. Accomplishments and service on legislative or political campaigns, member empowerment efforts, and other local and statewide NJEA activities.
  4. The committee and/or NJEA reserves the right not to present an award if no nominee sufficiently meets the criteria, insufficient nominations are submitted, fiscal considerations, or other circumstances prevent an award from being presented.


  • The NJEA Higher Education Member of the Year Awards – including the November 1 nomination deadline – shall be announced through appropriate NJEA publications and other media.
  • Any NJEA member may nominate a member working in higher education or may self-nominate him or herself if working in higher education.
  • No member of the NJEA Higher Education Committee shall be eligible for this award while serving on the committee.
  • Nominations must include:
    • A typed nomination letter of no more than 200 words explaining why the nominee should be considered by the NJEA Higher Education Committee for the award based on the published criteria;
    • an itemized list corresponding to items 1 to 4 listed under “Criteria” above, including the subcategories listed in item 3 above and other relevant categories; and
    • Any other material documenting that the individual meets the award criteria.
  • Nominations must be mailed or electronically sent to:

NJEA UniServ Region 29-Higher Education
180 West State St.
P.O. Box 1211
Trenton, NJ 08607

or email by Nov. 1, 2023.