Applications open for Human and Civil Rights Cadre

As equity-minded educator unionists, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Following in their footsteps we are made stronger through the knowledge we gain and the training we receive. 

NJEA, with roots cultivated by NEA over many years, is launching our new Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Cadre. Formerly known as the Equity Alliance Cadre or Minority Leadership Training Cadre, a long line of cadre trainers has over time built the foundation for this most recent incarnation of the cadre. 

The NJEA Office of Human and Civil Rights, Equity and Governance is now accepting applications from NJEA members who have demonstrated a deep commitment to advance the association’s movement for racial, social and economic justice. The application deadline is May 31, 2022 at 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). All candidates will be notified of the selections by June 15, 2022. 

Selected candidates will embark a learning and leadership journey to sharpen their skills as highly trained facilitators. The journey will empower those who become part of the HCR Cadre to conduct HCR trainings with members in local and county associations across the state. 

All candidates who chose to apply must: 

  1.     Select a specialty pathway (see below). 
  2.     Prepare and submit an application. 
  3.     Confirm their availability for a mandatory retreat.  

Candidates must select one of the following specialty pathways: 

Healers – Those who select this pathway will embark on a three-year commitment to be trained in restorative justice practices (RJP) with the aspirational goal of supporting local and county affiliates in establishing RJP in their respective schools and communities. 

Organizers – Those who select this pathway will be trained in “Understanding Power” by Eric Liu, “Mapping My Role in the Social Change Ecosystem” by Deepa Iyer, and the “Member Action Playbook (MAP)” created by our REAL Team Six equity organizers. 

Practitioners – Those who select this pathway will be trained and help co-create professional learning experiences that utilize Dr. Tara Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) framework, which aims to uproot implicit bias and plant seeds of asset-based thinking. 

Elected Leaders – Those who select this pathway will be trained in the organizational structure of our union and the history of ethnic-minority leadership in our union. Additionally, we will sharpen participants’ skills in equity policy analysis and platform development. 

Find the application at 

For questions, email Gabriel A. Tanglao at