These are unprecedented times. They call for unprecedented measures.

To protect arts education and KEEP ARTS PROGRAMS IN PLACE we need to mobilize arts education champions across the state to get ready for 2021 and beyond.

To help arts educators, we need everyone to get involved NOW:

Arts Educators/Administrators – complete the survey to tell us what is happening in YOUR school. If you are not an arts educator yourself, pass this e-mail along.

All Champions – arts educators and other advocates alike, please attend 3 Zoom sessions to mobilize with other arts ed champions this winter:

  • Regroup & Brainstorm – 11/23 @7pm 
  • Activation Webinar – 12/7 @7pm 
  • Final Prep for Launch – 1/8/21 @12noon

SPREAD THE WORD! Forward this post to anyone you know who is an arts ed champion in NJ. Parents, students, arts educators. We need to support arts education by engaging lots of other advocates and parents!

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