Awards for Excellence: Nominate an outstanding N.J. public school graduate

Since 1984, NJEA has presented Awards for Excellence at the NJEA Convention to New Jersey public school graduates who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their fields of expertise. Awardees have come from all fields including—but not limited to—education, entertainment, government, media, and the fine arts.

To be eligible, the nominees must have graduated from a New Jersey public high school, be well-known, considered highly successful in their fields, and have a pro-union point of view.

If you would like to make an Awards for Excellence nomination, send the information described below to Janet L. Royal at by Jan. 28. You can also mail the nomination to Janet Royal, NJEA Awards for Excellence, PO Box 1211, Trenton, NJ 08607-1211.

Include the nominee’s name, mailing address, phone number, public high school from which he or she graduated, and a brief description of his or her achievement

Also include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Nominations received after the Jan. 28 deadline will be considered for subsequent conventions.