The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife offers “Know the Bear Facts” educational seminars for residents to learn practical information about coexisting with black bears. Bears have been sighted in all 21 of New Jersey’s counties, so it is important for residents throughout the state, including those within urban areas and southern counties, to know the facts about them.

“Know the Bear Facts” education seminars are free of charge and available to municipalities, schools, homeowner associations, civic and environmental organizations and a variety of other audiences.

Program attendees learn all about the history and biology of the Garden State’s largest land mammal, black bear research, and get common-sense tips on how to react if a black bear is encountered. The seminar also provides simple precautions that residents should take to discourage bears from entering a property.

The division also offers educational publications about New Jersey’s black bears for educators and a K-8 curriculum titled “Understanding Black Bears.” Both are free of charge.

To inquire about scheduling a bear education seminar, or to receive bear publications, contact Michelle Smith at (609) 259-6961 or

For more information about black bears, click here.

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