Whether advocating for a single member, or for all 200,000 active, preservice, and retired members of the association, NJEA is the only choice for educators who are serious about their careers and advocating for their students.

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is the strongest public employee labor union in the nation. Research shows that strong labor unions help improve educational excellence by advocating for improved funding as well as students’ academic, health, safety, social, and emotional needs.

NJEA helps you advocate for the things that you care about: from ensuring your students are able to learn in safe, healthy environments to being able to afford college and being career ready, to providing a quality compensation package for you and your colleagues in education, to helping you grow and improve in your career, regardless of job category.

When you join NJEA, you are joining a network of educators across the state of more than 200,000 members. We stand with you at the bargaining table, in Board of Education meetings, in your workspace, and in the Legislature.

Join NJEA and be part of the team that has helped create the best system of public education in the nation!

How to join

NJEA membership is open to any individual who is employed in a public school or college.

To become an NJEA member:

  • Ask a colleague for the name of your association president, building rep, or membership chair.
  • One of these individuals will be able to provide you with details regarding the benefits of membership, as well as county and local dues obligations.
  • Call NJEA Membership at (609)599-4561 for assistance in becoming a member of NJEA
  • Or, fill out the online membership application below.

Hear why Membership Matters

  • Since it was founded by educators in 1853, NJEA has been a powerhouse advocating for school employees and their students.
  • Only NJEA has the experience, relationships, expertise, and strength to provide serious edicators with the resources they need throughout their careers, from pre-service through retirement.
  • Only NJEA knows and meets the needs of educators in New Jersey because it is run by educators in New Jersey
  • And only NJEA can defend the collective bargaining rights, health care benefits, and pensions of our members have earned through decades of tireless effort.
  • Don't fall for cheap imitations and false promises.
  • And don't let anyone convince you that you don't need the strongest community of educators in the nation in your corner, advocating for you and your students.
  • For decades, NJEA has fought for funding for schools, safe and healthy schools, impoved working conditions, salaries and benefits for all school employees, and much more.

What union membership does for you

As a member of NJEA, NEA, your county association and your local association, you are part of a community of education professionals - three million strong - devoted to advocating for students, educators, and great public schools.

A voice: NJEA give you a voice on issues that affect you in your school district, in New Jersey and in Washington D.C. By speaking up together, we ensure that our professional expertise helps guide the decisions that affect our lives.

A representative: With NJEA, you are never alone, whether you are negotiating a contract, defending your rights or advocating for positive change. NJEA's highly training staff of expertise is with you every step of the way, supporting your success.

A community: NJEA is 200,000 members, committed together to great public schools for every child. As an NJEA member you have access to advocacy training, professional development and a community of dedicated professionals who share your passion for education.

Membership Categories & Dues

NJEA provides services for members from before they join the profession until long after they retire. There are many different membership categories but they share one important thing in common: they are an excellent value for people who value public education and their careers.

In addition, New Jersey has the third-highest teacher salaries in the nation, and we fight hard to ensure that all our members are compensated fairly. NJEA is able to achieve high salaries at the bargaining table because we have the resources to demonstrate our members’ value and contributions to schools.

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What do I get for my dues?

NJEA members receive world-class services from their union, including a Member Benefits program that helps put money back in their pockets, contract negotiation and enforcement, professional development, legislative and political action, and a network of educators who understand and share your commitment to public education. Take advantage of every resource NJEA has to offer and see why NJEA is number one!

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